Notice: HiWatch and HiLook brands will be merged as of 1st January 2019. Both brands will be consolidated and simply branded HiLook.

The King of Performance-to-Price

The HiWatch Series from Hikvision is a video surveillance solution for the entry-level market, providing customers with cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable prducts and services.

H.265+ Codec

A selection of HiWatch Series cameras / DVRs feature Hikvision’s H.265+ high-efficiency codec, which not only saves on bandwidth resources but also decreases storage requirements.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

In an environment where a conventional camera is facing toward harsh light, often only a silhouette would be captured, rendering critical footage useless. HiWatch Series cameras with WDR performace maintain image fidelity without detail loss.

HiWatch Series Turbo HD Solution – PIR

Enhance your security further with PIR series cameras, featuring PIR detection and flashing light to deter intruders.

Immediate Reaction

Warns off intruders with flashing white light, in order to forestall possible break-ins.

Accurate Alarms

The motion detection function provided by the DVR lowers the false alarm rate and saves on storage cost.

Ultra-Low Illumination Performance

Select Turbo HD cameras feature industry-leading ultra-low light technology, capturing colourful images in dimly-lit environments.
Conventional Camera
Camera with Ultra-Low LightTechnology (0.005lux)

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

With HiWatch Series built-in PoE NVRs, one ethernet cable will not just transfer data, but also provide power to the camera – reducing the need for extra cabling and additional power sources.


Hiwatch Series offers an extensive portfolio of products and solutions to meet the widerange of user demands.
IP Solution:
Network Cameras, Network PTZ Cameras, NVRs
Turbo HD Solution:
TurboHD Cameras, TurboHD PTZ Cameras, TurboHD DVRs
IP Solution:
Expect even more product lines under the Hiwatch Series brand in the near future.

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