Tiandy Lite Super Starlight Colours Real Security Cameras

Tiandy Lite Super Starlight

As you know, Tiandy is the Starlight Video Processing Technology Leader and Promoter in the world.

2015 – Tiandy is the 1st to release “Starlight” into surveillance market

2016 – Tiandy is the 1st to release “Super Starlight” based on Tiandy’s patent “TVP” Technology

2017 – Tiandy is the 1st to bulid “Starlight Products Family” include fixed lens/motorized IP camera and high-performance PTZ dome camera.

2018 – Now Tiandy is the 1st to release latest “Lite Super Starlight” series camera


What is “Lite Super Starlight” ?

  1. Super Starlight “TVP” Patent Technology, 0.0008Lux
  2. S+265 Patent Coding Technology, 1080P@800Kbps
  3. Incredible Price


Imagine it, How much is a SUPER STARLIGHT camera ? How much is a camera with Sony starlight sensor, with Tiandy’s patent TVP technology, up to 0.0008Lux?

Answer is all this kind of camera in market more than 60USD, but now Tiandy release a cost-effective Super Starlight camera, 0.0008Lux,  amazing night image quality, amazing price !


Night View by Iphone                                          Night View by Tiandy Lite Super Starlight


Please check attached “Tiandy Lite Super Starlight Video Demo” and “Lite Super Starlight Introduction” ,  you will find out what I said. Or download from https://youtu.be/r-LNsBSLF-0

Welcome visit Tiandy website  www.tiandy.com, participate in activities of  “Global Starlight Night Test” get awards.

Contact us to get more information about “Lite Super Starlight”, you will be the 1st to release so amazing Super Starlight Products in market, Let’s Starlight it !


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