How to add third-party IP camera to NVR with Plug& Play method Step by Step

Hikvision /P series NVR support Plug& Play function, it can access to IP cameras with POE ports.
Currently Hikvision NVR’s POE ports can access to IP cameras with HIKVISION protocol or
ONVIF protocol.
This operation guide will show you steps to add third-party IP cameras.
Go to NVR’s local interface- Camera, edit IP camera, set the adding mode to Plug& Play.

Check the Internal NIC IPv4 Address of NVR.


Login in IP camera’s webpage, set the IP address in same network segment with NVR’s Internal
NIC IPv4 Address. Notice that the last number of IP address must be bigger than 100. Such


Before connecting IP cameras to NVR’s POE ports, make sure IP camera’s password is 12345
or same with NVR’s admin password. Besides, IP camera should meet AF/AT 802.3a standard
and support ONVIF protocol.
Connect IP camera to NVR’s POE ports, NVR will automatically access to IP camera.


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