ColorVu Technology Illuminates Darkness 24/7 for Full Color Video and Images, Elevating Security

Hikvision HikWire blog article ColorVu Technology Illuminates Darkness 24/7 for Full Color Video and Images, Elevating Security

Traditionally, security providers had to work with poor low light video and image captures that often only displayed in black and white. When reporting an incident, it was impossible to state the color of a suspect’s shirt or the color of a vehicle in question. Hikvision’s ColorVu technology addresses this challenge. It enables capture of full color video and images 24/7 in low light and darkness. Cameras powered by ColorVu render clear imaging around the clock for detailed video evidence, improved alarm accuracy, and video search efficiency, elevating your security beyond what was previously possible.

Watch the video of a demo box used to create dark conditions. It illustrates a side-by-side comparison of ColorVu’s quality versus a conventional security camera:

ColorVu technology is available in a wide variety of Hikvision security cameras, including 4K models, panoramic series, all the way to varifocal lenses. This is what we call “ColorVu + X.” Hikvision has paired ColorVu technology with a broad range of camera technologies to meet a wide range of security needs and applications. ColorVu + X entails the following:

  • ColorVu + Panoramic: Industry-leading panoramic cameras, which use the image fusion technologies to stitch together images from two side-by-side lenses for a seamless, 180-degree view.
  • ColorVu + Varifocal: With 2.8-12 mm motorized lenses, ColorVu varifocal cameras allow users to zoom in on colorful images at night.
  • ColorVu + 4K: Bringing color imaging to ultra-high-definition levels, day and night.
  • ColorVu + Audio and Strobe Light: Cameras are equipped with built-in speakers and strobe lights to enhance deterrence all day and night.
  • ColorVu + Deep Learning; 24/7 full color combines with AcuSense technology to deliver accurate human and vehicle detection with alerts, reducing false alarms.

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