ColorVu + X Camera Lineup: View the Holidays in Full Color!

Hikvision HikWire blog article ColorVu + X Camera Lineup: View the Holidays in Full Color

Have you selected the best ColorVu-equipped security camera for your installation? At Hikvision, we have taken our ColorVu technology to the next level by integrating it into various security products and with other technologies to better meet end-user needs. This next level integration is known as “ColorVu + X.” With ColorVu + X, users can make smarter decisions, react faster to security events, reduce false alarms, and uplevel security capabilities.

Cameras powered by ColorVu technology produce clear imaging around the clock for detailed video evidence, improved alarm accuracy, and video search efficiency, which elevates your security beyond previous technology.

The ColorVu + X lineup includes:

  • ColorVu + Panoramic: Industry-leading panoramic cameras, which use image fusion technologies to stitch together images from two side-by-side lenses for a seamless, 180-degree view.
  • ColorVu + Varifocal: With 2.8-12 mm motorized lenses, ColorVu varifocal cameras allow users to zoom in on colorful images at night.
  • ColorVu + 4K: Bringing color imaging to ultra-high-definition levels, day and night.
  • ColorVu + Audio and Strobe Light: Cameras come equipped with built-in speakers and strobe lights to enhance deterrence, day and night.
  • ColorVu + Deep Learning: Full color imaging 24/7 combines with AcuSense technology to deliver accurate human and vehicle detection with alerts, reducing false alarms.

Watch this YouTube video to see how Hikvision brings full color imaging and AI to multiple camera models. You can also learn more about the ColorVu + X lineup in our webinar replay here. See your holidays in full color with numerous ColorVu + X products and technologies to best meet your needs.

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