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Fighting COVID19 with Technology

When Ertech was founded back in 2013, we started with IP cameras at a time when IP CCTV was new-ish and terrifying for most installers whom were used to installing Analog cameras for decades. At that time we managed to build the bridge between installers entrenched in easy Analog tribes and IP CCTV technology. That’s how Ertech grabbed a chunk of the market share in a saturated CCTV industry. Today we IP camera specialists and continue to lead in Technology such as Facial recognition, AI and other IP based technologies. In a fast changing world pandemic, a huge number of businesses are under enormous financial pressure. This pressure is expected to get even worse in the coming weeks. To speed up normality for businesses we have come up with couple innovative and cheap preventative solutions to help businesses that are currently fully operational and those that will be operational after the lock down to manage their staff and customers alike. The below solutions will not stop or fight coronavirus but they will certainly minimize impact and stop the spread when we start to slowly get back to the new normality.

Solution One

Fever Detection – Thermal Solution
Thee new Fever detection cameras are especially designed with coronavirus in mind. You can stop the spread by installing one of these cameras at the entrance of your premises.
These cameras are able to detect abnormal body temperature and alert both the person as well as the management enabling you to take swift action or arrange a secondary screening of that person. These cameras although expensive they take highly accurate temperature measurements. With build in AI, camera focuses on the face of the person ignoring any other heat generating elements such as a hot cup of coffee in the persons hand. This solution is ideal for places such as office blocks, apartment buildings, hospitals, GPs, constructions sites, airports stadiums, bars restaurants, gyms, shops, care homes, airports and the list goes on..
These cameras are in huge demand at the moment so please contact us asap if you are interested.

Prices starting from £1699 + VAT

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Solution Two

Mask Detection – Facial Recognition Solution
This technology is a lot cheaper than the Thermal cameras but the result is impressive and preventative. The existing facial recognition cameras have been fitted with Mask Detection AI Technology. The camera can detect people that are wearing masks and those that are now. It can warn them via the build-in speaker in the camera and even control their access in your existing access control infrastructure. If you introduce a compulsory “mask wearing policy” in your company or premises, this solution will enforce it for you with minimal manpower. Ideal for festivals, stadiums and sports events, hospitals, airports, supermarkets, public transport, office and residential high rises plus many many more. It can even be used in conjunction with the thermal solution above for ultimate prevention.

Prices starting from £600 + VAT

Give us a call or drop us an email for a competitive quote. or 020 88046680

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..a few words about us

At ERTECH we provide unparalleled level of service and expertise in the overcrowded and littered security industry. We specialize in IP systems and we have supplied and helped system integrators for city wide projects as well as domestic installers and DIY enthusiast. We have helped trade customers all over the world maximize their profits and we have helped end users to save huge amounts of money. We have archived this by providing a wide range of products to suit every budget and every project no matter the size.

In a world where everyone thinks they can sell CCTV cameras without the technical knowledge and without the warranty and support, it can be very confusing when buying the right product and the right channels. we take great pride in knowing our products inside out, and handpicking the brands we work with.

We are authorized by Hikvision and Tiandy so when buying from us you will have all the support and backup you need.

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