Hikvision DeepinView Cameras Deliver Deep Learning Technology for Proactive Security Responses

Hikvision HikWire blog article DeepinView Cameras Deliver Deep Learning Technology for Proactive Security Responses

Hikvision’s DeepinView cameras give users the ability for immediate, proactive security for their businesses. These surveillance cameras employ Deep Learning technology along with video analytics to deliver alerts for key events, allowing actionable security responses as well as operational insights.

If incidents or unusual activities occur around your business or property, DeepinView cameras send out alerts automatically. Using the 6-in-1 deep learning algorithm, users can do a filtered search of recorded video to locate critical information to take immediate action.

Attribute search, a feature of DeepinView cameras, simplifies video search for a specific person based on the physical descriptions. This includes searching by:

  • Color of clothing with the ability to search by top color and pants color
  • Whether eyeglasses, a mask, and/or a hat is worn
  • People carrying items such as a shopping bag or backpack

This search option provides speed and flexibility when conducting searches across multiple platforms. Attribute search also includes unlimited camera channels for analytics, extensive history search, export abilities on attributes captured, and permission control on the search scope. Benefits of using attribute search are a reduction in incident time and decreased cost for resolving investigations.

Deep Learning technology also provides multi-target detection, false alarm reduction, and area density control. Multi-target detection can efficiently detect and classify target objects like people, vehicles, and license plates. Detection bonding boxes, which exclude the range of a human shadow, allow monitoring parameters to be set for specific areas to trigger alarms. Alarms can be calibrated for human only, vehicle only, or human and vehicle. This reduces false alarm rates by more than 95 percent. The area density control feature sends a threshold alarm if the number of people in an area exceed occupancy levels. This feature is useful to comply with social distancing and other security requirements.

DeepinView cameras are available in several indoor and outdoor models with either 4 MP or 12 MP resolution. LightFighter and DarkFighter technology enhance the camera with a wide dynamic range (140 dB) and a 1/1.8-inch advanced sensor for clear, detailed images in strong backlight conditions and during the night.

View the product brochure to learn more about Hikvision DeepinView cameras.

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