Embedded SSD

eSSD (embedded Solid-State Drive) is a chip-level storage with high integration, ultra-low power consumption and specially developed and designed technology. The eSSD applied in Hikvision DVRs are integrated with Hikvision’s data management technology.


The EDVR is designed to be environmentally friendly and features several eco-friendly elements. The device’s low power consumption with eSSD and smart fan design make it energy-efficient and noiseless during operation. Additionally, the EDVR’s packaging materials are fully recycled, reducing its environmental impact and enhancing its sustainability. These eco-friendly features not only reduce energy consumption and lower operational costs but also contribute to a cleaner environment.

enduring storage

H.265-based scene-adaptive bitrate coding by Hikvision is applied on eDVRs to ensure sufficient storage and quality video compression.

Easy to set up and use

Palm-sized DVR makes it so much easier to install in real application. When in daily operation, the built-in E-UI enables intuitive and simple configuration.

Efficient video analytics

Intelligent human/vehicle classification is in-built in the eDVRs, enabling smart Motion Detection and quick target search and playback


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