Hikvision Upgraded Value IP Cameras and AcuSense NVRs Provide Enhanced Key Features for Simple and Efficient User Experience

Hikvision HikWire blog article Upgraded Value IP Cameras and AcuSense NVRs Provide Enhanced Key Features

The 2nd Gen Value IP Cameras and AcuSense NVRs have been upgraded with the latest functionality, continuing to prove their outstanding value among users. Advanced Value IP cameras have better imaging performance, longer IR ranges, quick target search, and several 4k models available to meet any need. This upgraded technology improves the identification of human and vehicle events, reducing common false alarm problems found in traditional motion detection systems.

Better imaging performance is an important key feature of the upgraded 2nd Gen Value IP cameras and AcuSense NVRs. The new Value IP G2 cameras come with an f1.6 aperture that improves image and video sharpness as well as wide dynamic range (WDR) for superior performance compared to our Value IP G0/G1 (2xx3G0/G1) cameras. Sharper details and better WDR performance guarantee a better image to give user security a boost. The long IR range is also a key feature in the upgraded Value IP G2 cameras. In the Value IP G2 fixed bullet cameras and all form factors of the varifocal cameras, the IR distance is 32.8 feet longer than the previous generations. This upgrade provides sharper black and white video and images at a greater distance than before.

Upgraded AcuSense NVR technology allows users to search and playback event video triggered by human or vehicle targets. This quick target search is extremely beneficial to users. Spend significantly less time watching videos and instead quickly find and review footage for a notable event recorded by your security system. Value IP G2 cameras support quick target search and do not require an AcuSense NVR. Q- and I-series NVRs also support this function.

The 2nd Gen Value IP cameras feature several 4k ultra high definition (UHD) model options available. The wide range of IP cameras include:

  • Fixed bullet, dome, and turret cameras
  • Fixed compact dome camera
  • Fixed ceiling mount camera
  • Varifocal bullet, dome, and turret cameras

All options facilitate highly detailed image capture with high resolution (4 MP or 8 MP). Each one also comes with human/vehicle classification as well as a built-in microphone for an audio and alarm interface.

Learn more about the 2nd Gen Value IP cameras and AcuSense NVRs on our website today.

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