Introducing Upgraded Thermal Resolution HeatPro Bi-Spectrum Cameras: Superior Perimeter Protection with Early Fire Detection

Hikvision HikWire blog article Introducing Upgraded Thermal Resolution HeatPro Bi-Spectrum Cameras

Hikvision is excited to announce the upgraded 256 x 192 resolution HeatPro Bi-Spectrum Thermal Cameras. The latest models include higher thermal resolution with the dual thermal and optical modules for better perimeter protection with 60% longer protection range, plus early fire prevention capability and superior adaptability to harsh environments. This line also comes with upgraded thermal resolution, darkness and backlight adaptability, and a longer detection range with target classification.

Other benefits include:

  • Upgraded thermal resolution to 256×192
  • Easy-to-use VCAs
  • Short range perimeter protection with a strobe light and speaker
  • Early fire prevention capability

The HeatPro Bi-Spectrum Thermal Series brings perimeter protection and fire detection to multiple applications such as residential communities, parking lots, warehouses, construction sites, and more. This line is available in bullet or turret form factor and is competitively priced to meet your budget.

To learn more about the latest HeatPro Bi-Spectrum Thermal Series, click here.

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