The Enforcer HomeControl+ Panel has Arrived



As of today our latest innovation, the Enforcer HomeControl+ Panel, is now on the market, providing a lifestyle solution for everyone.

Get your panel now and alongside the PyronixCloud you can enjoy unparalleled control over multiple security systems from anywhere in the world: control your notifications, add and remove users, add and remove systems. All controlled from our HomeControl+ App, Pyronix will make life easier and more interesting for its users:

• View all of your security systems, including the status of your sensors
• Set and unset areas
• Add, edit and delete systems
• View notifications
• View your system’s history, including all activations or events transmitted by the HomeControl+ Panel
• Control Automation Outputs, such as: lighting, shutters or garage doors…

Make sure you don’t miss out and take advantage of all the fantastic benefits and automation options this brilliant product delivers.

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