There are three types of Communication Mode via Communication > Cloud Service > Communication Mode


Wired Network & Wi-Fi Priority

It means that Wired Network, Wi-Fi Network, Cellular Data are all supported, AX Pro will choose best network status and change connecting ways when network is not stable.
It is recommended to use this mode when your device is with complex network environment, since it can help you select better way automatically.

Wired & Wi-Fi

It means that only Wired Network and Wi-Fi Network are supported, AX Pro can only connect with wired or Wi-Fi. It is recommended to use this mode when you want to save cellular data or do not want to use cellular at all.

Cellular Data Network

It means that AX Pro only use cellular data network to connect.
This mode is usually used in poor network environment, like wired and Wi-Fi network are hardly connected. Besides, it can help you save network detecting time.



When you set Communication Mode as Cellular Data Network, the followings can help you use cellular data successfully:
1. Keep MTU as default 1400, Access number as default 99**1#
2. Test SIM in mobile, make sure that your SIM card can call, send message and connect to the internet
3. The AX PRO default dialing includes most SIM card APN but not all.
If the network is not connected, you need to search the SIM card’s APN by Google or ask your mobile operator then set up the SIM card APN manually and then restart it.

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