Hikvision Weekly Information

Alarm Product AX PRO New Firmware Version V1.2.6 build220302

New Features
• Added SIM card cellular query and network detection functions
• APP new functions
• Multi Transmitter supports dual-zone tampering function
• Supports RDC and IDS protocols to access ARC
• Added sensor fault report
• LCD wireless keypad new functions
• Added detector logging and acquisition
• Added New multiple language:Lithuanian, British English
• Added manual snapshot timeout event
• Added default connection scheme for SIP intercom
• Other Feature Optimization

AX PRO V1.2.7 Release Note Product Change Notification-Pro Series 4.0 23 turret 20220614_01


Hik-Connect version 4.23.0.

Please find the latest release note on https://www.hikvision.com/en/support/download/software/Hik-Connect/
Main updates for Hik-Connect version 4.23.0:
• Supports new features for AX PRO
• supports one tap to enable Stay Arm
• You be notified of events including detector sensor fault and detector sensor fault restored in the notification page
• For devices in the tenant site scenario, the installer has the highest configuration permission level excluding live view and playback.


Pro Series 4.0 23xx Turret- Product change notification

The base depth of the listed cameras (refer the attachment) is increased to provide more room for camera cables
• The space depth for cabling will be increased from 11.4mm to 14.6mm.
• The base height will be increased from 35.5mm to 39.4mm
• The new design is still compatible with current junction box;

Product Change Notification-Pro Series 4.0 23 turret 20220614_01

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